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COUPLES RETREAT to build and enhance healthy, thriving relationships

Secure Connections Couples Retreats in Seattle

Move to a richer and more vibrant connection in a beautiful Pacific Northwest setting

Whether stuck in conflict, complacent about time together or longing for a renewal of the feelings that brought you together, time at a Secure Connections Couple's Retreat will bring your relationship back alive. In gorgeous settings around the Pacific Northwest, our retreats are dynamic and experiential and built to help you create intimacy, deeper connection and more security for years to come.

Why a Secure Connections Couples Retreat can help

Our retreats are based on the work of Stan Tatkin, PsyD., founder of the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT). PACT is an approach that integrates neuroscience, arousal regulation, and attachment theory to help couples better understand their patterns of relating and how to support each other more successfully.


Secure Connections Couples Retreats are opportunities to spend time creating the relationship you want while learning from other couples and practicing new ways of communication and connection. These powerful weekends  - often held at the Sleeping Lady Resort near Leavenworth, WA - are in incredible locations, where the learning is enhanced by activities that allow you to connect, relax and have fun together. The investment in your relationship will create lasting change and shared memories that carry you forward together with a stronger commitment and set of skills to face future challenges.


Secure Connections Couples Retreat experience

While no two retreats are the same, typically our retreats follow the same basic structure


The first day will be spent getting acquainted with the amazing grounds of the retreat location and then meeting your facilitators and fellow retreatants.


A brief talk introducing you to the principles of PACT, you will have the chance to set goals with your partner as you explore your surroundings.


A cocktail reception and group dinner will allow you to learn about the commonalities among couples. Following dinner, back in the group, a brief exercise will send you off to bed together.


After an optional yoga class and delicious breakfast, we gather together to develop a deeper understanding of one another. You will be guided through a process to learn each other’s attachment style, neurobiology and arousal regulation systems and how you work together with each of these systems.


Exercises will create felt experiences that transform your understanding and provide you with tools to work with at home. Time alone together throughout the day will cement the connections you are building together.

Gourmet meals and group discussions will provide both nourishment and enjoyment to amplify the experience. Our evening will focus on intimacy and passion and how to rebuild these critical pieces of your relationship. You will be sent off to sleep full, close and feeling more connected and in love.


Our final day together will be spent with a focus on carrying the work back home with you.


Our work will finalize the learning and experience, working on agreements and commitments to help you remain connected back in the business of your lives.


After a final lunch and debrief together, you will part for home refreshed and restored, with understanding to maintain your progress long past the retreat experience.

Private retreats

Escaping to a remote location to work on your relationship in privacy with Carolyn Sharp, you and your partner will create the greatest possibility for connection and growth as a couple. Carolyn will support you at a destination that will both provide an opportunity for work on your relationship and time for relaxation and romance. We can provide recommendations and planning for retreat locations or we can build a personal retreat around a vacation you have already planned. While there, we will create a format similar to our group retreats, but with coaching and support that is tailored just to the two of you. Personal retreats are commonly 3-5 days in length, allowing for relationship work interspersed with adventure, reconnection, and enjoyment.

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