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Fire It Up: Four Secrets to Reigniting Intimacy and Joy in Your Relationship

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Fire It Up is the ultimate resource for a stale relationship. Stop spending time in struggle and disconnection and learn the four key steps to building the healthiest relationship possible.

Let’s face it—modern life is stressful. With constant demands on your time and attention, it’s not surprising that you’ve neglected what used to be your North Star: your relationship. You might feel disconnected from each other and stuck in a cycle of go-nowhere arguments. Perhaps you miss the spark that made you excited to see one another at the end of the day. You might long for the time when the two of you were in sync on most things and could laugh at misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Fire It Up is the solution to relationships that are struggling, feeling stale, or just in need of a little extra care. Experienced couples therapist Carolyn Sharp outlines a clear four-step process to bring back the love, connection, and vitality to any marriage, with humor and authenticity. She’ll help you understand how relationships work—and why your partner does that annoying thing. Get to the heart of the problem and empower yourself with the knowledge to make lasting change in your relationship.

Published by Flashpoint Books and 
Available January 7, 2025

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Available January 7, 2025
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Meet Carolyn Sharp

The Author

Carolyn Sharp always knew she wanted a career in helping people. She earned a master of social work from Portland State University and has extensive training in attachment, neuroscience, trauma, and mindfulness. Today, she is an experienced couples therapist with twenty-five years of training and practice in helping people build vital, vibrant, and secure functioning relationships through one-on-one and group couples coaching, workshops, retreats, and intensives. She combines her passion for helping people with her widespread experience to create the healthiest and happiest relationships possible.

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