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PACT Couples Counseling in Seattle

Creating secure functioning partnerships based on healthy communication, connection and play

In our experience, emotional disconnection often lies at the core of what leads couples to seek counseling sessions. The symptoms of this disconnection differ from couple to couple: you realize that you are living separate lives, one of you has found emotional solace with another person, you are stuck in constant unresolved bickering or you are struggling to make an important shared decision. 


However disconnection manifests in your relationship, it is entirely possible to learn exactly what your partner needs to feel truly loved, and in doing those things, to build an atmosphere in which your own needs are met with understanding and generosity. As long as you are willing to invest the work, we can help you build the relationship you both want.


“A relationship is not a promise of perfection, but a commitment to care through mistakes and injuries.”

~Carolyn Sharp

Why PACT couples counseling can help

Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) is an approach that integrates neuroscience, arousal regulation, and attachment theory to help couples better understand their patterns of relating and how to support each other more successfully. It has a reputation for effectively treating the most challenging issues many couples face in a shorter amount of time than many other therapies.

PACT couples therapy is focused on providing innovative, dynamic couples experiences that help radically change the way your relationship feels and functions.  We work together to help you create the secure, satisfying and vital relationship you have been craving.


Experiential exercises coupled with Carolyn's unique expertise in observation and facilitation will build skills that will take you and your partner to a healthier, happier place with the commitment to continue building a life together and the tools to maintain the changes over the long term.

Our sessions run longer and the two to three-hour session allows you to work on issues in a more in-depth manner and create significant change in each session. These longer sessions also mean you meet less frequently, and Carolyn sees most couples monthly or bi-monthly.

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