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“Both people feel safe and secure in a relationship only because they both agree to make it so.”

~Stan Tatkin

PACT Couples Therapy Intensives in Seattle

Create dramatic change in a shorter amount of time

Couples therapy intensives are longer consecutive PACT therapy sessions held over a period of days at the Secure Connections Seattle office. It is recommended that you spend the weekend at a hotel or other away-from-home lodging. Getting to do this work away from regular life facilitates greater integration of the tools developed in session as well as opportunities to spend time together reconnecting.


As opposed to traditional couple's therapy format, couples intensives do not have time between “sessions”, deepening the work intensely which results in profound change over the course of the intensive. You and your partner will be the only participants which creates intimacy and safety to go as deep as needed.

How do PACT Couples Therapy Intensives work?

In our office, PACT Couples Therapy Intensives commonly consist of three 7 hour days broken into two 3-hour segments, with a working break between. These occur most commonly on a weekend, but with enough advance notice, we can make another arrangement for you. Therapy Intensives are priced by the hour and paid for at the time of scheduling. 30 days notice is required to cancel the intensive without charge.

These intensives are especially effective for couples who do not live in areas with access to couples therapy, to couples in crisis and to couples needing to make immediate and lasting progress on an issue that has previously not seen change in traditional couples therapy, or couples who want to profoundly deepen their relationship in a short period of time.


Secure Connections Couples Therapy Intensives are collaborative and individually tailored to your specific situation and goals for your marriage or partnership.  If interested, please contact us for more information or to discuss how you may benefit from this option.

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