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Secure Connections: A couples retreat to build and enhance healthy, thriving relationships

March 16-18, 2018

IslandWood Retreat Center, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Pause and ask yourself:  how’s your relationship going?  Do you feel confident with one another?  Able to say what’s on your mind?  Comfortable with intimacy and difficult decisions?   Or do you feel distant?  Tentative?  Misunderstood?  Sighing and settling for how things are?   Whether you are a newly established couple or together for years, all couples have their own unique dynamic that ranges from satisfying to infuriating, yet few of us know how to interpret what happens in ways that facilitate understanding, collaboration and closeness.

The Secure Connections retreat is based on the work of Stan Tatkin, creator of A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT), which views a couple’s dynamic through the lens of neurobiology, attachment theory, and arousal regulation to support couples in developing healthy and secure relationships. Based on Stan’s seminal work, Wired For Love, this retreat will provide incredible opportunities for committed couples at all stages to create or deepen a successful foundation for a secure relationship.  Through shared learning, facilitated exercises and private time together in the beautiful IslandWood retreat center, couples will gain  insight into one another and their patterns of interaction, and learn how to interpret and respond to one another in ways that lead deeper connection and intimacy.

Join Seattle therapists Carolyn Sharp and Sara Slater, both advanced PACT practitioners, for a inspiring and powerful retreat.  With a small number of other couples, you and your partner will learn how the intersecting fields of science and psychology influence the ways you relate to one another. During this retreat you and your partner will learn how to be experts on one another and create long lasting safety and security between you. You will come away with scientifically valid, practical tools to help you resolve issues and heal upsets quickly and effectively and help you transform old patterns of communication into opportunities for connection.

For more information and registration information, contact Carolyn at or Sara at

Additionally, our next retreat is a one day pre-commitment retreat.

Secure Foundations:
Building a successful commitment from the start.

A retreat for couples who are engaged, getting ready to move in together or at the start of any new long term commitment.

Secure Foundation Retreat
Saturday April 21, 2018. 10 am to 5 pm
$395 per couple, including lunch
Seattle, Washington

Congratulations on this incredible step in your relationship! It is a thrilling time and one to be truly celebrated. Yet, many of us can get caught up in the excitement of planning a wedding or commitment ceremony or fussing over the details of moving in together and not stop to plan the most important parts of this new commitment.   For example:

  • What does it mean to each of you to be taking this step and what are you each expecting?
  • Have you explored each other’s understanding of this commitment and what you each want and need as you take this important step into the future?
  • What are the agreements you have and how will you take care of each other in both the happy and the challenging times ahead?

Whether preparing to move in together, get married or make any other type of long term commitment, it is critical to start off with a shared understanding of the components of a healthy relationship, as well as the tools and agreements needed for long term happiness. Based in neuroscience and attachment, the principles of Secure Connections retreats will guide you toward the best possible beginning.  Over the course of this one day retreat, we will teach you the concepts and skills necessary to ensure your transition to a committed partnership is healthy, fun and enriching for both of you. Through presented material, discussion and exercises you will leave feeling closer and more confident about how to begin  the next phase of your relationship in the healthiest, most secure way possible. There will be time to write agreements or vows, develop a deeper and more complete understanding of your partner and feel closer and more in love.

Located in South Lake Union near downtown Seattle, this retreat will provide snacks and lunch.

Secure Foundations Retreat: April 21, 2018

registration for our April retreat is located here:

or visit our Secure Connections Retreats website.

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