Family Therapy

In my work with families, I employ family systems therapy to examine the patterns of relating and communicating in the family, and how the challenges have developed. Once understood, I then incorporate narrative therapy to develop new skills and ways of interacting within the family. I will also incorporate creative mediums, such as art, play, and drama to help families have fun in the hard work of therapy. My style with families is collaborative, direct and empathic. Families are often seen once every other week to allow time for necessary change in between sessions.

Family Therapy can occur in the office or in the home. In home therapy is offered when there is a situation that is not responding in office. This can occur as a result of family members being on their “best behavior” when in the office. Seeing families in their natural environment allows me the opportunity to see the challenge in “action” and respond immediately. I also often work in home to help develop a positive behavioral plan, being better able to see the home environment and structure and the most natural rewards and consequences. In-Home therapy is offered only after a thorough in-office assessment to insure that this intervention is appropriate and safe. In-Home therapy occurs once to twice a month on Saturdays.

Note: Insurance does not cover in-home therapy. Because of the travel and preparation time, in-home therapy also has a higher cost.

Parent Support Therapy

I also work with parenting pairs/groups, who are struggling with the emotional strain of parenting, or who are in conflict about the best ways to respond to their children’s needs, be there normally developing children or those with special physical, behavioral or emotional needs. I provide education and consultation about the needs of their children; guidance on how to best meet those needs, and emotional support in caring for oneself while parenting. I also work with the parenting group about how to best support each other, and how to minimize conflict to best support the parenting goals. I also help parents advocate for their child with local school districts and other mental health and social support systems.

My specialties with parents include work with divorced families; Gay and Lesbian families; adoption; grief and loss; parenting developmentally delayed and autism spectrum disorder children; and children with significant behavioral and emotional challenges.

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