Couples Therapy

“Thankfully, relationships aren’t like baseball where it’s three strikes and you’re out.
The universe keeps pitching us new opportunities to redo, repair and reinvent ourselves with another person.”
Stan Tatkin

I am passionate about helping couples create secure functioning partnerships based on healthy communication, connection and play. My work with couples is based on Stan Tatkin’s Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT), which combines attachment theory, neurobiology and arousal regulation to help couples better understand their patterns of relating and how to support each other more successfully.

As a PACT therapist, my work is experiential and strategic. Looking at the ways we were programmed to connect in childhood, I help partners understand these processes and adapt new ways communicate and grow as a couple. With a deeper understanding of each other, I support couples in navigating their struggles more successfully, deepening their connection, and having more fun together. This therapy is short term and goal focused, based on strong research. As with my other work, I weave in my style, which is direct, empathic and playful.

Because of the experiential nature of this therapy, sessions are longer, lasting between 90 minutes and 3 hours. We are able to make significant changes in these longer sessions, and as a result we often do not have to meet as frequently. Initial sessions are always at least 2 hours in length. In that first session we determine scheduling for future sessions.

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