I provide consultation to clinicians and social service agencies in a variety of topics to support the care being provided. I have expertise as a clinician and supervisor in such areas as ethical challenges, child therapy, attachment disorder, psychological trauma, in-home therapy, and opening a private practice.

I also provide consultation to agency supervisors who are having difficulty with their teams, or facing changes to the structure; as well as in a variety of emotional and behavioral challenges their clients may face. Additionally, because of the level of training I have received, I have begun offering PACT consultation to couples therapists who have graduated from PACT Level 1 training.

I also offer ongoing group consultation for Level 1 PACT graduates. The information is below.

PACT Consultation Group

Carolyn provides support in learning and integrating PACT theory and practice through discussion, role play, case consultation and video tape review. This is a great opportunity to process the experience of your training weekends, and to deepen the teachings.

Each group is a series of eight 90-minute meetings, meeting twice a month in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle (right off 520 and I-5). To participate, a clinician must be in or have completed or be enrolled in PACT Level 1 training, and willing to commit to the series. This group is open to up to six clinicians at a time.

Please contact either Carolyn to discuss your interest. We can be reached by phone or email.

Carolyn Sharp, LICSW


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